Why Every Local Business Needs The POWER Of Facebook Targeting.


In today’s era you need to take advantage of the fast changing technology that is available for us. Using traditional marketing such as TV, billboards, radio and newspapers are no longer the only way to get new clients. Not only can it be less effective, but also way more expensive then using Facebook Ads.

  1. Detailed Targeting.You see, with facebook ads you can carefully target those people that you want to see your ad, so you won’t be wasting any money on showing it to everyone and especially people that have no interest in your service.
  2. Easy to track your success. When using Facebook Ads you can track how your ads are doing and use metrics like, impressions, CPC(Cost Per Click), CPL(Cost Per Lead), Reach and etc. Being able to track the success of the ads using these metrics makes it alot easier to optimize and enhance the ads.
  3. It is way more efficient then traditional marketing. You don’t need to spend big dollars on a billboard ad to notice that it’s not working very well, so instead you can start running ads on as little as $5 per day and you will soon start to see if the ad will be sufficient or not.


Get Started today!

So to get started the first thing you will need to do is setup a Facebook ad account which you can do through this link: https://business.facebook.com/

Find your audience. What you need to begin with is finding the right audience for you, think of your perfect avatar or persona. For many local businesses it is good to start with targeting people near your location and your costumers ideal age.

Easy-Street-Marketing-Facebook-Ads-Targeting-300x197 Why Every Local Business Needs The POWER Of Facebook Targeting.

As you can see here above for example I am targeting:

Location: People that are in 18km radius from Harley Street, London.

Age: 22-63.

Language: English (UK), English (US).

Interest: Cosmetics, Beauty salons, Spas, Fragrances and Weight training.

Potential Reach is: 3,100,000 people.

I was helping a doctor that has a practice on Harley Street to promote his facial rejuvenation offer in this targeting, and the ads really went above our expectations and the cost per lead were really low.

Advanced targeting

Custom audiences: Using custom audiences really takes it to the next level! Because it helps you target the people that have in some way interacted with your business such as, people on your email list, people who visited your website or any specific page on your website, people who interacted with your facebook page, people who watched the videos that you have posted and etc.

As you can see using custom audiences really helps you contact the people that have interacted with your business in any way and makes it so much easier to retarget to that audience.

Look-A-Like audience: Helps you to scale your audience when you have been running ads for some time or got good data about who your audience is, then you create a Look-A-Like audience by putting in a custom audience or a Facebook page, and Facebook then finds and creates an audience that is similar to the one that you put in.

I hope this will help you to get started and I wish you best of luck!

And if you are serious about getting more clients you can always get a free 15min strategy call with our team Facebook Ads service.

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